National Archives and
Records Administration
Guides (NARA)
NARA guides provide
researchers with
detailed information on
general and selected
subjects documented
in the holdings of the
National Archives.
These guides provide
descriptions of records
relating to a single
subject in the records of
many Federal agencies.

Check the National
Archives web site
frequently for updates
To access the NARA Guide
files located on this web site
you need the Adobe Reader.

Some of these files are large
and will take a little time to

Use the "search" feature to
find a keyword in one file or
in all the files (portfolio).
The two documents below contain useful lists of files
among National Archives Record Group 46,
Records of the United States Senate relating to
Federal employment.   Those records are in the
National Archives Building in DC.  Even though
they've been open for research, a prospective user
may want to contact the Center for Legislative
Archives at NARA to confirm before a trip.  An email
can be sent to: