Ask The Pros Instruction

Have you ever had a genealogical question involving methodology, historical context, ethnicity, repositories, DNA, etc?   Would you like some tips that would help you find the answer but don’t know who to ask? 

We have the solution!  Starting in October, MVGS will host a new virtual program called “ASK THE PRO.”  Here’s how it works:  
Submit your question via the electronic forum using the following steps:
  • Sign in as a member on the MVGS webpage.
  • Go to the MVGS Forums page:
  • Locate the “ASK THE PRO” forum at the top of the page.
  • To ask your question, click on the plus sign in the black circle.
  • Enter a subject and a then type your question and a few details in the message box. 
  • Click Save.
Please keep your questions as straight forward as possible – if you are working on a brick wall, maybe
a few hints will help but remember we are not offering to solve your problem, only assist.   Here are some examples:
I have two pieces of indirect information about my grandfather’s birth -- is that enough evidence
to “prove” his date of birth?
The census indicates my ancestor came from Hannover, Germany -- where might I look to find more specific information?
What are the best references to use for early New England research?
Where would I find my ancestor’s military records?
A program coordinator will forward your question to a genealogist who is well-versed in your subject to develop a response.  Be sure to include your contact information in case more background is needed.
Your question and answer along with others will be presented at a bi-monthly virtual presentation starting this October.  This new program is open to all members so everyone can benefit from the Q&A.