Mount Vernon Genealogical Society - Founded 1991
Founded 1991

1500 Shenandoah Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22308
Book Review Volunteers Wanted!
The MVGS Research Center offers a large genealogical library which includes most basic references, a breadth exceeding other Virginia Libraries, and some books and journals available nowhere else in the D.C. area. The catalogs, by subject, author and title and a list of our many CDs may be found on the Research Center webpage.
To pique our members’ interest about our resources, we are asking for volunteers to write an informal summary  (300 words or less) on some of our resources.  These reviews are posted here.  Reviews will also be entered in the associated book record in the Online Library Catalog.
If you would like to be a reviewer for one of the Research Center books, please contact Gerry Ward in the Research Center  She will help you coordinate getting a book for review.