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Founded 1991

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2018 Genealogy Writing Contest

MVGS is excited to sponsor our 3nd Genealogical Writing Contest to help support and encourage our members to write and share their family history.  All entries will be considered for publication in our newsletters.
Writing Topic Ideas: 
  • Family histories and genealogies of those who came to America.
  • Ancestors contribution to their community.
  • The uncovered truth about your ancestor.
  • Court case that changed your ancestor’s life.
  • Your Civil War ancestor.
  • An event that impacted your ancestor directly.
  • Have you found an ancestor that you can really connect with?                
Contest Rules & Guidelines:
  • Work must be written by a member of the society; it shall not have been previously published.
  • Length may be 3 pages max (footnotes can be converted to endnotes & placed on later pages).
  • Entry should be single-spaced. There should be double returns between paragraphs, and the paper should be written in 12-point font and submitted in Word or Portable Document Format (PDF) format.
  • Submission may contain no more than 2 pictures.
  • One entry per person
  • Attach your submission to the link at the bottom of this page -- include your name, title, and phone number on the email, but NOT on the submission.  The title should be on all pages of the submission with no other identifying information.
  • Evaluators will not be told the name of the author whose story they are judging, nor will authors be told the name of the evaluators.  Authors will receive a copy of the comments made by the evaluators.
 Rubric judges will use for evaluating "Let Me Tell You About My Ancestor" Submissions
Needs Work 
Topic (Double Value)
  • Put "flesh on the bones" of an ancestor
  • Dramatic or interesting to a non-descendant
Content (Double Value)
  • Main idea is supported by stimulating details
  • Purpose is clear (survival, black sheep, humor, etc.)
  • Includes historical context
  • Vivid descriptions
  • Opening/closing grab the reader
  • Logical or chronological development
  • Stays on task
  • Engages the reader
  • Furthers the character of the ancestor
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Varied sentence structures, no run-ons
  • Citations
Entries will be accepted now through 1 August 2018.
Results & prizes:
Winners will be announced during our monthly meeting on 16 October 2018.
          Prizes will be awarded as follows:
 First: 1-year membership + "1st Place" mug + MVGS pin
           Second:  "2nd Place" mug +MVGS pin 
           Third: "3rd Place" mug + MVGS pin