LOC - Finding Aid to German Documents

The Library of Congress’ Manuscript Reading Room in the Madison Building possesses a unique collection of records related to Germans who came to America between colonial days and World War I. This vast collection includes photographs and microfilms of all the records listed in Marion Dexter Learned’s Guide to the Manuscript Materials Relating to American History in the German State Archives, (Washington,DC: Carnegie Institution, 1912. It also includes a wide variety of additional materials related to German emigration and German-Americans which happened to be in these State Archives after World War I during the Library of Congress’ Foreign Copying Project. Because many of these Archives were bombed during World War II, the Library of Congress’ copy of the record may now be the only copy available.
The Library of Congress’ 29-page Finding Aid is reproduced here below.
LOC FINDING AID to German Documents WWI Part 1
LOC FINDING AID to German Documents WWI Part 2