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Founded 1991

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New Books

The MVGS Research Center received almost 300 books, 50CD's, a CD tower and 2 double bookcases from Mary Lu Miller. A plan now needs to be devised as to where the donated bookshelves will be placed once they are re-assembled, and what current furniture needs to be removed/repositioned to make room for them. The Society also wishes to thank Chuck Mason, Betsy Martin, Doris Martin, Le Roy Martin, and Ellen Stagnaro for their contributions.
CS1.B45  Newspapers Along America's Great Trails
CS1.H67  Newspaper Research
CS7.J33   History for Genealogists
CS16.L36.L39  Surveying Your Land
CS16.S77  Applied Genealogy
CS16.P48  Local Records and Genealogy
CS35.5.K36  The American Counties
CS36.H83.F73  Huguenot Genealogical Research
CS36.P70.L48  How to Archive Family Keepsakes
CS47.E35  Tax Records
CS64.M67  Locating Union and Confederate Records
CS65.5.C46.S25  A Practical Guide to the “Mistakes” Made in Census Indexes
CS65.5.H36.K57  How to Read the Handwriting and Records of Early America
CS65.5.H36.K571  The Handwriting of American Records For a Period of 300 Years
Cs66.5.S69.L46  Our State in Arms:A Short Military History of New Jersey
CS71.B70.V35  The Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers
CS71.B8891.W45  History of the Buell Family
CS71.H821.S29  Warnaar Hornbeck Descendants
CS431.C56.B87  Key to the Ancient Parish Registers of England and Wales
CS2387.H66  How Our Surnames Came to America
CS2485.E23  Tracing Ancestors with Common Surnames
CS2505.D46  Your Surname Guide
CS2505.D94  A History of Surnames of the British Isles
CS2505.R43  The Origin of English Surnames
F3.W45  Ancestral Roots of SixtyColonists Who Came to New England Between 1623 and 1650
F67.H36  The English Origins of the “Mary and John” Passengers
F74.H2.J83  History of Hadley
F74.W52.B56  Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, MA
F104.W2.D381  History of Wallingford, CT
F104.W2.N49  A History of Wallingford 1669-1935
F104.W4.S75 Vol.1  The History of Ancient Wethersfield, CT
F104.W80.S56  Directory of Descendants of the Founders of Winddsor, CT
F122.K56  Landlord and Tenant in Colonial New York, 11664-1775
F127.A3.P43  Contributions for the Genealogies of the First Settlers of the Ancient County of Albany from 1630-1800
F127.G2.T87  History of the Pioneer Settlement of Phelps and Gorham's Purchase
F145.V58.B69  10,000 vital Records of Western New York 1809-1850
F229.5.K46  Certificate Book of the Virginia Land Commission 1779-1780
F231.9.A5.T83  The Memorial Lists (Western Virginia 1812-1860)
F231.9.W37  1815 Directory of VA Landowners and Gazetteer Vol.5 - SW VA
F232.A6.F43  Appomattox County
F232.C9.J66  An 18th Century Perspective: Culpeper County
F232.C9.V64  Culpeper County Marriages 1780-1853
F232.F2.M581  Beginning at a White Oak: Patents and Northern Neck Grants of Fairfax Cty,VA
F232.K4.F54  Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol.28 - King and Queen County1653-1866
F232.M2.S35  The Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1787 for Madison Cty, VA
F232.M7.A34  Virginia Public Claims - Montgomery County
F232.M7.D68  Montgomery County, VA Deed Book 1773-1789
F232.M7.D681  Montgomery County, VA Will Book 1 -1786-1809
F232.M7.S341  Montgomery County, VA circa 1790
F232.M7.W67  A Brief of Wills and Marriages in Montgomery and Fincastle Counties, VA
F232.N25.S35  The Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1787 for Nelson Cty, VA
F235.L36.W55  Catalogue of Rev. Soldiers and Sailors of the Commonwealth of VA to Whom Land Bounty Warrants Were Granted by Virginia
F443.R5.W45  Marriages of Roane City Tennessee 1801-1838
F449.M37.C53  Historic Maps of Kentucky
F449.M37.R66  An Historical Atlas of Kentucky and her Counties
F450.H44  Kentucky Families
F454.5.C68  History of Pioneer Kentucky
F454.5.S87  Early Kentucky Landholders 1787-1811
F454.7 .E33  (Vol. 1)  Kentucky Genealogical Records and Abstracts Vol. 1 -1781-1839
F454.7.E33  (Vol.2)    KY.Gen. Records and Abstracts Vol. 11 -1796 – 1839
F457.B8.S35  The Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1787 for Bourbon Cty, VA (now KY)
F457.F2.S35  The Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1787 for Fayette Cty, VA (now KY)
F457.J4.S35   The Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1789 for Jefferson Cty VA (now KY)
F457.L6.S35   The Personal Property Tax Lists for the year 1787 for Lincoln Cty VA (now KY)
F457.M17.S35  The Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1787 for Mercer Cty Va (now KY)
F460.C66.M33  Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records: Abstracts of Early Wills, Deeds and Marriages from Court Houses
F460.V58.K56  A Genealogical Collection of KY Birth and Death Records Vol.1
F681.H38  Kansas Imprints, 1854 – 1876