Registration Form - 3 March 2018
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Mount Vernon Genealogical Society
During the day you will have the opportunity to attend FOUR briefings.  Please check the four topics that you would be most interested in attending. This will assist us in determining room size.
____ Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe, What to Save and What to Throw—Charles Mason
____ Preserving Your Family History: Collecting & Organizing—Charles Gearhart
____ Avoiding Mistakes—Sharon Hodges
____ Writing Your Family History—Paul Phelps
____ Google Earth and the Newberry Atlas of Historical Boundaries—Sharon MacInnes
____ Genealogy Programs: Which One is Best—Charles Mason
____ Introduction to Family Tree Maker 2017—Charles Gearhart
____ Tech Tools for Genealogy Today—Not for Genealogical Wimps—Sharon MacInnes
____ Repository Research,  The Do’s and Don'ts—Sharon Hodges
____ Researching at the Virginia Historical Society—Sharon Hodges
____ Organize and Manage Your Research or It Will Overwhelm You—Charles Mason
____ Writing Letters That Get Answers—Charles Mason
During the lunch period you will be seated with attendees researching similar areas.  Please list THREE states populated by your ancestors.
Note there is no microwave or refrigerator available for lunch, so attendees should pack accordingly.
To register, print and fill out this form, enclose check and mail to:
Mount Vernon Genealogical Society, c/o Hollin Hall Senior Center, 1500 Shenandoah Road, Alexandria, VA 22308
or return to Rita Phelps (Membership Chair)