Mount Vernon Genealogical Society - Founded 1991
Founded 1991

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  Maury Cralle Admires the Ft Belvoir Model
“Finding Records of Claims Against the Fed Government:  The idea of looking for ancestors in records of claims against the U.S. Federal Government (or against foreign governments) would be an afterthought, at best, for most researchers. Yet, they can contain valuable data.  French Spoliation Claims before 1800 may contain ancestral information.  Civil War Claims against the Office of the Quartermaster General could be another source.  Several unique areas for investigation will be discussed.
Digging for Roots Just Down the Road at the Library of Virginia:"  Learn about the wealth of Virginia genealogical resources contained at the Library of Virginia, including State and County wills and administration documents, marriage information, land records, tax records, manuscripts, maps, periodicals, and Civil War, Revolutionary War, and colonial military records.  Also learn how to access these resources online and on site.  
"Research in Washington DC Using the Library of Congress:"  In November 2013 the Local History and Genealogy Reading Room was moved to the Main Reading Room.  How have this and other changes at the library affected the way you research in the many reading rooms?
Introduction to Family Tree Maker 2017:  Family Tree Maker (FTM) has undergone some development changes over the past couple years, but this major ancestral archival system is now fully upgraded and ready for action.  This “windows” class will provide an overview of its seven workspaces and their various displays, along with FTMs relationship with, and  The user may now "discover" their family story, "preserve" its legacy and "share" everything with family; archive people information (birth, death, marriage and locations) and individual’s notes, media, web links, etc.  The program has 37 different types of reports, relationship charts, and research summaries.  There is a planned 2019 updated version coming out this summer with greater capabilities.