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Disposition of Slaves

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Disposition of Slaves
Posted: 09/14/2020 - 1:35 pm
My 3rd great-grandfather John Ford (born 1763 in Henrico Co., VA; died 1840 in Grant Co., KY) was a slave owner, just like his father before him. In the 1810 Federal Census of Stoner, Bourbon Co., KY (listed under John Ford) he is shown to have 4 slaves (no ages or gender noted). In the 1820 Federal Census of Grant Co., KY, he is shown to have 6 slaves (2 male slaves <14; 1 male slave 26-44; 2 female slaves <14; 1 female slave 26-44).  In the 1830 Federal Census of Grant Co., KY, no slaves are enumerated with him.  He died in 1840, before the census was enumerated. In his Will, there is no mention of any slaves; and in the I&A of his estate there is no mention of any slaves. I have looked at several Grant County Deed transctions involving John for the peiod 1820 - 1840 (most were for land he was giving to his sons and sons-in-law) -- in none of them do I find any mention of slaves.  Where can I go to find information on what happened to the 6 slaves enumerated with John in the 1820 Federal census?