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Virginia Gazette Daybooks for 1750-1752 and 1764-1766

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Virginia Gazette Daybooks for 1750-1752 and 1764-1766
Posted: 10/30/2023 - 5:56 pm
File Attachment: 1698703005_Virginia_Gazette_Daybooks_online.pdf
While newspapers are always wonderful sources of both genealogical information and information we can use to put our ancestors into historical context, these daybooks provide many more personal details.
These two volumes include the daily transactions, in chronological order, of the Williamsburg newspaper printing office for the two periods shown.  They show not only the daily business of the newspaper, but since the paper's office also served as a bookseller and a post office, the types of transactions included are much broader than you would expect.  Both of these wonderful books are online.