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Founded 1991

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Did you know that the NGS 2021 Family History Conference is coming up in mid-May?
Wednesday and Thursday, 19‒20 May for NGS's premier two-day virtual event―NGS 2021 Live! ―featuring award-winning authors Dani Shapiro and Ric Murphy; an opening session by esteemed genealogist and Virginia expert Barbara Vines Little; and presentations by nationally recognized speakers including:

Elizabeth Shown Mills
Thomas W. Jones
Judy Russell
Eric Grundset
Craig Scott
Janice Lovelace, and more.

Library Catalog Always Online!

The Mount Vernon Genealogical Society Library Catalog is now online as an interactive application. 
You now have access to all the information in our library holdings from anywhere you have internet connectivity. A number of features, not found in the index system previously online, are now available to members and the public. Searches by “Subject”, “Location” and “Media Type” can now be made on almost 2800 holdings in the library. Further searches can then be done on “Title”, “Author” and “Call Number”. Once the desired list of records is found they can be “printed” to a PDF document by clicking on the “PDF List” icon. You can find the library catalog HERE.

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NARA Guides
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The grace period for 2021 membership renewals has ended as of 1 April. If you are interested in renewing your membership please go to the login page.

April 20
Arriving in America
Presenter:  Sharon Hodges, Past President, MVGS   Description:  Millions of immigrants have come to call America home. For some the process was easy. For others it was more difficult and more restrictive, but none more so than New York ...
April 29
Poor, Misplaced and Misunderstood (Institutional Records)
INSTRUCTOR:  SHARON HODGES   Sometimes our ancestors seem to go "missing."  We don't want to believe they may have been in some sort of distress, financial or otherwise, but these types of records should not be overlooked as they may ...
May 11
Finding Information on Your Ancestors Who Lived in Virginia Before 1700
INSTRUCTORS:  JEFF WELCH AND JIM DREWRY   Class will cover, among other topics, how settlement started at Jamestown and then expanded out from there; who the "Ancient Planters" were and how to get info on them; the 1624/5 Muster; county ...
May 17
NGS 2021 Live! National Genealogical Society 2021 Family History Conference
  Registration for the NGS 2021 Family History Conference opens 1 February 2021 at 1:00 p.m. (EST). Plans for the forty-third annual conference include a full week of virtual events* for individuals, societies, and organizations 17-21 May 2021.   ...
May 18
Making a Federal Case Out of It
Presenter:  Judy Russell, The Legal Genealogist   Description: Even genealogists who have a good background in court records often overlook the wealth of detail available in the records of the federal courts: the District Court, the Circuit Court, the modern ...