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Virginia Special Interest Group [SIG]
The purpose of the Virginia SIG is to bring together folks interested in Virginia, to learn about her genealogy related topics and resources; to share knowledge with each other; to help each other with brick walls, technology challenges; and whatever else folks want to address/do. 
Meetings are planned for the 4th Mondays of each month, from 1-2pm in the Research Library, room 214 at HHSC.  However, we'll have the room until about 3:30 if we decide we need more time. 
Meetings will likely be in-person or on zoom, depending on what works best at the time.  There will be informal presentations and discussions to help us learn about a topic or repository; folks sharing our successes and problems; computer time when needed; and anything else that helps us with our research in Virginia.
A few of the potential topics that have been mentioned so far are:
  • Background on the history of Virginia, county formation, settlement patterns, etc.
    What brought folks to Virginia in early 1900s?   What roads were there in 1910?
  • What areas of West Virginia and Kentucky may still have records here in Virginia?
    Is there somewhere to find info on who moved away, and when, and with whom?
  • All about the repositories in Virginia, their resources, availability, etc.
    Maybe do by geographic areas, e.g., Fredericksburg/Central Virginia; Northern Neck; Middle Peninsula, e.g., Gloucester, Williamsburg, Jamestown; Southeast Virginia; Southwest Virginia, etc.
  • What kinds of valuable info do folks find in various types of records/repositories?
  • Learn about using Virginia church records, road orders, land records, chancery records, David Rumsey maps, and more.
  • Look at different groups of folks in Virginia , e.g, Native Americans, Huguenots, African Americans, Germans, Scots-Irish; early Quakers, etc.
  • Get help on navigating the Library of Virginia website.
  • Genealogy resources available on social media
Our first meeting is scheduled to be in-person on January 23, from 1-2 pm at HHSC in the Research Library, rm 214.  At that meeting, we'll talk about how we want to proceed, what topics we want to look, what meetings might be on zoom, etc.   While you don't need to register, if you have any questions, please send Amy Breedlove an email at

Field Trip/Road Trip SIG
Saturday 28 January 2023
Library of Congress
Join a group of fellow genealogists and family historians from the Mount Vernon Genealogical Society in a research trip to the Library of Congress!
The next quarterly meeting of the Field Trip/Road Trip SIG will be on SATURDAY 28 January 2023. The usual meeting day for the FT/RT SIG is the fourth Friday each quarter. But due to the last day of the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy falling on that Friday, the outing will be moved to SATURDAY 28 January.
Parking is scarce on Capitol Hill but the Library of Congress is accessible by Metro, less than a 1/2 mile walk from the Capitol South Metro Station. We will meet at the Library and have a brief orientation from one of the librarians. We will then research together or separately with possible communal snack and lunch breaks. 
The meeting time for our orientation is dependent on the number of attendees and how many people need new Reader Cards in order to gain access to the reading rooms. Reader Cards are valid for only two years. Anyone attending the outing can register and obtain a Reader Card in person at the Library prior to the outing or on the day of the outing. Information on Reader Cards can be found at 
If you would like to join the Field Trip/Road Trip SIG for the 28 January outing to the Library of Congress, or if you have questions or comments, please contact Stephanie Campbell at More detailed information will be sent to those expressing interest in attending. 

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MVGS 2023 Annual Genealogy Conference
Serving Our Nation: Our Military, Families and Communities
March 25, 2023
Registration is Open!

February 6
Entering Information onto FamilySearch's Family Tree
INSTRUCTOR:  Linda MacLachlan    The purpose of the workshop is to learn how to post information onto the family tree on the Family website.  Workshop is limited to 6 folks.   Please remember to create a free account, if you ...
February 16
Celebrating American History - A Heritage to be Proud Of
INSTRUCTOR:  Carol Campbell   This class will follow the story of an African-American family from the 19th century to the present.  Attendees will see how technology and genealogy research plays an important role in uncovering families' heritage that otherwise would ...
February 21
MVGS Business Meeting and Presentation - The Three-Cornered War: The Civil War in the Southwest
Speaker: Dr. Megan Kate Nelson Title of Presentation: The Three-Cornered War: The Civil War in the Southwest Synopsis: In the summer of 1861, Confederate troops invaded New Mexico from Texas, hoping to conquer that territory and then launch a campaign to win ...
February 27
Virginia SIG Meeting
The SIG Meeting will be held in the MVGS Research Library, Room 214.  It may end earlier than 3pm.  Contact Amy Breedlove at if you have questions.
March 6
Entering Information onto Find A Grave
INSTRUCTOR:  Linda MacLachlan    The purpose of the workshop is to learn how to add information onto the Find A Grave website.  Workshop is limited to 6 folks.   In order to enter information onto Find A Grave, you will ...