Mount Vernon Genealogical Society - Founded 1991
Founded 1991

1500 Shenandoah Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22308

Research Library Operations

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm.
We close at noon on the 3rd Tuesday of the month for our monthly General Meeting

Room 214 at the Hollin Hall Senior Center
1500 Shenandoah Ave., Alexandria VA
Phone: 703-768-4101
The Mount Vernon Genealogical Society’s Research Library is now officially a FamilySearch Affiliate Library.  This means that members using the computers in our Research Library (RL) will now be able to view those digitized images on that previously they could only view at a FamilySearch Center, or other Affiliate Library.  Those images were the ones in the search results that had a camera with a key over it.
When you’re in the RL, using one of the RL’s computers, not your own laptop or tablet, you will log on to using your own id and password.  Once logged on  you’ll be able to view those digitized images and you don’t have to do anything special.
So, when you’re researching at home, start keeping a list of those items that have the camera and key, so that you’ll know what to look up when you’re in our RL or at an FHC. 

We offer individualized tours of the facility during the hours we are open.  We will tell about our books, journals, maps, member surname files, website, computers, and the other resources in the Library.  If they have time, we'll be happy to tell and/or show them specific resources that may help them in their researchl
Non USA Book Shelves
The Research Library offers a large genealogical library which includes most basic references, a breadth exceeding other Virginia Libraries, and some books and journals available nowhere else in the D.C. area. The catalog, searchable by subject, author, title, etc., and our Book Reviews, may be found under the Research Library tab. These references should be reviewed in advance of visiting the Research Library to get the most out of your visit.
computer Row
The Library has five computers linked to the Internet.  On those computers you can access FamilySearch, as well as a variety of genealogical resources, to do your genealogy research.  Our printer also serves as a scanner for limited scanning of your photos or documents.  MVGS members may also borrow books and journals for extended periods of time.
If you have any questions for the Research Library, you can email us at

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