Mount Vernon Genealogical Society - Founded 1991
Founded 1991

1500 Shenandoah Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22308
Telephone:  (703) 768-4101
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Lock-In Reminder

On 3 March 2018Lock-In Key MVGS will be conducting its third annual lock-In, starting at 8:30 AM at Hollin Hall Senior Center, 1500 Shenandoah Road, Alexandria, VA.  Doors will be "locked" at 9:10AM.
The purpose of the lock-In is to gather a group of ancestry enthusiasts into one area for six hours, present them with twelve different presentations, from which they may attend four.  Bring a sack lunch, along with a drink, and at noon we will divide into United States regional areas, where everyone has the opportunity to discuss ancestor locations, research problems, and just get to know each other.  Note there is no microwave or refrigerator available for lunch so attendees should pack accordingly.
Fee for members is $25; non-members $30.  Additional information containing session descriptions is located HERE.  A Lock-In registration form may be found by clicking HERE.
We delayed the 2018 lock-in to later in the year, making the assumption that the weather will be nicer, BUT if mother nature decides to do something unseasonal, then our backup date is 17 March.  If there is any question about the Lock-In being cancelled, MVGS will send an email to attendees the evening before or early in the morning of 3 March.

MVGS February Monthly Meeting

Malissa Ruffner shared textual record finds that have shed new light on her family tree and hopefully inspire her audience to visit (or re-visit) the National Archives Building in downtown Washington, D.C.
Malissa holds degrees in law and library science. After working in a variety of fields, she heeded the call of genealogy in 2009, becoming a Board-Certified Genealogist® in 2014. She is the director of the Genealogical Institute on Federal Records (Gen-Fed), formerly known as the National Institute on Genealogical Research (NIGR), held annually at the National Archives (NARA) in Washington, D.C.
She has served on the Executive Board of the Maryland Genealogical Society since 2012 and was recently appointed managing editor of its journal.  This Journal is published three times annually and includes over 500 pages per year of Maryland source records, family histories, “how-to” articles to improve genealogical research skills, book reviews, and other features. The Journal is a must for anyone researching their heritage in the state of Maryland.
She is currently working for the Georgetown Memory Project, tracing descendants of slaves sold by Jesuit Maryland plantations in 1838.

Inclement Weather

It's that time again when Mother Nature gets excited and decides to disrupt us humans.  Did you realize our February monthly meetings for 2015 and 2016 were cancelled because of bad weather?
Snowy Tree
Let's presume you are scheduled for a SIG group meeting or a census training session today at Hollin Hall, and when you get up it is snowing.  Do you get dressed and prepare for the class or stay home and miss the class?
The answer is fairly simple – check the status of the Fairfax County Government.  If the Government is closed or delayed, all "scheduled" activities (that's MVGS and your SIG class) will NOT meet.  Hollin Hall will be CLOSED.
I gave you the simplistic answer, but if you want to read the Hollin Hall inclement weather policy just click HERE.
If you are not sure, call the Senior Center at 703-765-4573 to verify closing information.

Library Catalog Now Online!

The Mount Vernon Genealogical Society library catalog has now been ported to the website as a fully functional interactive on-line application. The cataloging system software in the Research Center was no longer supported by the developer.
You now have access to all the information in our library holdings from anywhere you have internet connectivity. A number of features, not found in the index system previously online, are now available to members and the public. Searches by “Subject”, “Location” and “Media Type” can now be made on almost 2800 holdings in the library. Further searches can then be done on “Title”, “Author” and “Call Number”. Once the desired list of records is found they can be “printed” to a PDF document by clicking on the “PDF List” icon.  Additionally, each record can be viewed and printed by clicking on the “eye” icon. Clicking on the “Broom” icon will clear the information in the selection or search box. In addition to searching the database for individual records by "Call Number", "Title", and "Author", the entire database or any filtered selections can be sorted by "Call Number", "Title", or "Author" by clicking on the word at the top of each column.
Clicking on the “View Categories” icon provides another method of search for desired material. Categories of holdings can also be filtered by “Subject”, “Location”, and “Media Type”
The library catalog will always be current now because library accessions are available for viewing as soon as they are put into the online system. Previously the indexes were only updated periodically.
This additional Society benefit would never have been possible without the hard work of volunteers who planned and executed the library database conversion; thank you Jeanne Wilson, Anne Barber, and Gerry Ward.
You can find the library catalog HERE.

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  NARA Guides
NARA Guides
March 2
Genealogy Roundtable
Facilitator:  Sharon Hodges   Topics of your choice.  Informal discussion group - learn from each other, trade tips, share your successes (and brick walls).  Class is limited to 6 people. [As of 18 Feb there is one slot left.]   ...
March 3
MVGS 2017 Annual Lock-In
On 3 March 2018 MVGS will be conducting its third annual lock-In, starting at 8:30 AM at Hollin Hall Senior Center, 1500 Shenandoah Road, Alexandria, VA.  Doors will be "locked" at 9:10AM.   The purpose of the lock-In is to gather a group of ...
March 5
Entering Information onto Find A Grave
Instructor:  Linda MacLachlan   Purpose of the workshop is to learn how to add information onto the Find-A-Grave website.  The class is limited to 12 people; 6 of those will need to bring their own laptops, etc.   In addition ...
March 5
New England SIG: Searching Databases on
Webinar Moderator: Linda MacLachlan   Live broadcast: 14 December 2017   Presented by: Don LeClair, Associate Director of Database Search and Systems  Description: holds more than 1.4 billion searchable records with new databases and names being added each week. Join ...
March 7
MVGS Methodology SIG:
Instructor:  Chuck Mason   Subject To Be Determined