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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  F262.L6.D454 "Grandfather Clause" Voter Registration, Lincoln County, North Carolina, 1902-1908 Dellinger, Paul H. (Compiler)
View Record  CS71.S44236.S33 "See" Surname; Genealogy of Johannes Zeh (abt. 1668/1750) (German origination) Aka Sea, Say, Seay, Seys, Zehe, Zehn, Zeeh, Zahe, Zie See, Harold Joseph; See, Flora Loetta Lawrence; See, Joseph Benjamin; See, Ida May Wright
View Record  F461.M580 "Show Me" State Genealogical News
View Record  F379.N5.H37 "Strange to Say--": Recollections of persons and events in New Orleans and Chicago Harrison, Edith Ogden
View Record  CS71.L48.L48 "This Awful Drama" General Edwin Gray Lee, C.S.A., and His Family Levin, Alexandra Lee
View Record  F123.3.B69 10,000 Vital Records of Central New York 1813-1850 Bowman, Fred Q.
View Record  F145.V58.B69 10,000 Vital Records of Western New York 1809-1850 Bowman, Fred Q.
View Record  CS16.N53 101 Best Genealogy Research Tips Nickerson, Janice
View Record  F230.5.M87 10th Virginia Infantry Murphy, Terrence V.
View Record  F185. C37 1776 Census of Maryland Bettie Carothers
View Record  F232.W9 S35 1800 Tax Lists and Abstracts of Deeds [1796-1800] of Wythe Co., Virginia Netti Schreiner-Yantis
View Record  CS63.5.G35 1812 Ancestor Index 1892-1970 Galvin, Eleanor S. (Editor)
View Record  F231.9.W37 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners (And Gazetteer) Volume Five: Southwest Region Ward, Roger (Abstractor)
View Record  F232.H6 W5 1820 Henry County, Virginia Census Mike K. Williams
View Record  F262.R2.G75 1820 Tax List, Randolph County, North Carolina Grigg, Barbara N.; Hager, Carolyn N.
View Record  F187.P9.W55 1828 Tax List Prince George's County Maryland Wilcox, Shirley Langdon (Editor)
View Record  F442.1.S57 1830 Census, East Tennessee Sistler, Byron
View Record  F442.2.S57 1830 Census, Middle Tennessee Sistler, Byron
View Record  F442.3.S57 1830 Census, West Tennessee Sistler, Byron
View Record  CS627.P3.K83 1833 Thru 1906 Palatine Emigrants from Edenkoben (in Rheinland Pfalz, West Germany) to North America Kuby, Alfred Hans
View Record  F258.3.B53 1835 Poll Books North Carolina 12th Congressional District for the Counties of Burke, Haywood, Yancey, Macon, Rutherford and Buncombe Charles D. Biddix, Editor
View Record  F332.C25.C78 1840 Benton County, Alabama Crumpton, Barbara
View Record  F247.M5 S3 1840 Census of Mercer County, Virginia AND 1838 Land Tax List of Mercer County, Virginia Netti Schreiner-Yantis census transcriber; Lewis Bailey, tax list transcriber
View Record  F262.C28.A14 1840-1850 Census Catawba County, North Carolina
View Record  F547.M2.W37 1845 Census Of Madison County, Illinois Wasser, Elsie M.
View Record  F232.H6 H3 1850 Census of Henry County [Virginia] Pauline Haga
View Record  F247.M5 S3 1850 Census of Mercer County, Virginia Netti and Kamm Schreiner-Yantis
View Record  F262.L6.C76 1850 Census, Lincoln County, North Carolina Crow, Judson O. (Compiler); Crow, Judson O., Mrs. (Compiler)
View Record  F262.R9.B76 1850 Census, Rutherford County, North Carolina Brooks, Roy
View Record  F332.C25.S38 1850 U.S. Census Benton County, Alabama Schunk, John F. (Editor)
View Record  F332.R3.S38 1850 U.S. Census Randolph County, Alabama Schunk, John F. (Editor)
View Record  F332.S5.S38 1850 U.S. Census Shelby County, Alabama Schunk, John F. (Editor)
View Record  F332.S2.S38 1850 U.S. Census St. Clair County, Alabama Schunk, John F. (Editor)
View Record  F868.M7.E83 1850 U.S. Federal Census, Schedule I - Free Inhabitants of Monterey County, California: As Found on the 1850 Census Microfilms Located at Pacific Region (San Francisco) National Archives Escobar, Lorraine "Rain Cloud"
View Record  F868.M7.E84 1852 California State Census, Schedule I, Inhabitants of Monterey County: GSU/LDS Microfilm #909230 Escobar, Lorraine "Rain Cloud"
View Record  F262.C28.A16 1860 Census Catawba County, North Carolina
View Record  F262.R9.D47 1860 Census of Rutherford County, North Carolina De Priest, Virginia Greene
View Record  F262.L6.D444 1860 Lincoln County Census Dellinger, Paul H. (Compiler)
View Record  F295.C46.C6 1864 Census for Re-organizing the Georgia Militia Cornell, Nancy J.
View Record  F262.L6.D446 1870 Census of Lincoln County, North Carolina Dellinger, Paul H. (Compiler)
View Record  F262.R9.J33 1870 Census of Rutherford County, North Carolina Jackson, Doris Hamrick
View Record  F232.W9.D68 1880 Wythe County, Virginia, Census Douthat, James L.
View Record  CS495.M37.N56 1901 Vintage Irish County Maps: County Dublin
View Record  1998 Family Associations
View Record  1998 Family Periodicals
View Record  1998 Genealogical Societies
View Record  F230.5.W35 1st Virginia Infantry Wallace, Lee A.
View Record  MVGS Program 2012-07 200 Hundred Years Ago – The War of 1812 Sharon Hodges
View Record  CS65.5.C26 200 Years of U.S. Census Taking: Population and Housing Questions, 1790-1990
View Record  F230.5.K75 30th Virginia Infantry Krick, Robert K.
View Record  CS16.F36 500 Brickwall Solutions to Genealogy Problems Family Chronicle Magazine
View Record  F185 C3 9,000 Men Who Signed the Oath of Fidelity to Maryland during the Revolution Bettie Sterling Carothers, compiler
View Record  CS71.M65.M55 977 Descendants of Benjamin R. Miller, Sr. and Sarah L. "Sally" Cox Miller, Jerry William
View Record  CS36.S86.F56 A Beginner's Guide to Hispanic Genealogy Flores, Norma P. and Patsy Ludwig
View Record  F213.5.C53 A Belle of the Fifties: Memoirs of Mrs. Clay of Alabama, covering Social and Political Life in Washington and the South, 1853-66 Clay-Clopton, Virginia, Mrs.
View Record  F3 E42 A Biographical Dictionary, Containing a Brief Account of the First Settlers, and Other Eminent Characters Among the Magistrates, Ministers, Literary and Worthy Men in New England John Eliot, D.D.
View Record  F229.N45 A Blessed Company: Parishes, Parsons, and Parishioners in Anglican Virginia, 1690-1776 Nelson, John K.
View Record  CS71.G24.G37 A Book of Garretts: 1600 To 1960 Garrett, Hester Elizabeth
View Record  F526.C37 A Brief History of Indiana Carmony, Donald F.
View Record  F232.M7.W67 A Brief of Wills & Marriages in Montgomery & Fincastle Counties, Virginia 1733-1831 Worrell, Anne Lowry
View Record  F443.G4.M53 A Brief Sketch of the Settlement and Early History of Giles County, Tennessee McCallum, James
View Record  F394.W12.C46 A Century of Fraternity, Waco Lodge No. 92, A. F. & A. M., Waco, Texas, 1852-1952: A Memorial History
View Record  CS36.S26 A Choosing People: The History of Seventh Day Baptists Sanford, Don A.
View Record  CS71.C47.L57 A Christmas Flight: Aviation Pioneer, Dr. William Christmas Lipsey, Mary Buckingham
View Record  F268.W66 A Collection of Upper South Carolina Genealogical and Family Records Wooley, James E. (Editor)
View Record  F152.R87 A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776 Rupp, I. Daniel
View Record  CS431. H47.F69 A Complete Guide to Heraldry Fox-Davies, Arthur Charles
View Record  F497.F15 S36 A Complete History of Fairfield County, Ohio 1795-1876 Hervey Scott
View Record  CS208.V57.P53 A Concise History of the British Virgin Islands From the Amerindians to 1986 Pickering, Vernon W.
View Record  CS71.K78 A Family Becoming American, Volume 1: Kruger Kruger, David Watson (Author)
View Record  CS480.H47 A Genealogical History of the Milesian Families of Ireland in Three Parts Heraldic Artists Limited
View Record  CS414.M55 A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your English Ancestors Milner, Paul and Linda Jonas
View Record  CS753 N45 A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Italian Ancestors: How to Find and Record Your Unique Heritage Lynn Nelson
View Record  CS71.I5 A9 A Genealogy of the Ingersoll Family in America 1629-1925 Lillian Drake Avery; compiler
View Record  CS71.M82.V47 A Genealogy Study of Moore and Doulin Families in Northumberland County, Virginia: "The Northern Neck" Verser, Robert
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Records: 1 to 75 of 2703