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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  MVGS Program 2009-07 Bringing Great-Grandfather to Life - A Genealogical Case Study Larry Le Doux
View Record  CS418.W45 Britain's Royal Families: The Complete Genealogy Weir, Alison
View Record  CS66.B7.S36 British Aliens in the United States During the War of 1812 Scott, Kenneth (Compiler)
View Record  CS431.5.S69 British and German Deserters, Dischargees, and Prisoners of War Who May Have Remained in Canada and the United States, 1774-1783: Part 1 and Part 2: And Deserters and Disbanded Soldiers From British, German,& Loyalist Military Units In The South, 1782 Smith, Clifford Neal
View Record  CS61.D6 British Origins of American Colonists, 1629-1775 William Dollarhide
View Record  F157 .S3 Brock Street Cemetery, Ashland, PA none
View Record  F232.B96.K53 Buckingham County, Virginia, 1860 Federal Census: Buckingham County Records Kidd, James Randolph
View Record  F157.B8.M94 Bucks County, Pennsylvania Orphans' Court Records 1685-1852 Myers, Thomas
View Record  CS71.B92.B84 Buffs and Millers Along the Saluda: Some Descendants of Andrew Buff of Central South Carolina Buff, Jr., L.H. (Compiler); Lee, Janice Gartman (Compiler)
View Record  F886.B85 Bulletin -- Seattle Genealogical Society
View Record  F897.W57.B85 Bulletin of the Whatcom Genealogical Society
View Record  F871.B85 Bulletin: Genealogical Forum of Portland, Oregon, Inc.
View Record  F235.C37.M55 Burials in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia, 1798-1983 Miller, T. Michael (Transcriber)
View Record  MVGS Program 2007-11 Buried Births: Finding Birth Information in Federal Records ┬áSusannah Brooks
View Record  CS425.B87 Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry: Including American Families with British Ancestry Burke, Bernard
View Record  F230.W45 Burned County Data 1809-1848 As Found In the Virginia Contested Election Files, 1986 edition Weisiger, Benjamin B., Compiler
View Record  MVGS Program 2014-10 But My Ancestor Didn't Land in New York City Sharon Hodges
View Record  CS71.P07.M35 C. W. Post: The Hour and The Man Major, Nettie Leitch
View Record  F176.C35 Calendar of Maryland State Papers Number 4, Part 3, the Red Books
View Record  F454. T39 Calendar of the Warrants for Land in Kentucky, Granted for Service in the French and Indian War Taylor, Philip Fall (Compiler)
View Record  F74.C1.T46 Cambridge Cameos: Stories of Life in Seventeenth-Century New England Thompson, Roger
View Record  F277.C22.D73 Camden District, S.C., 1783 Jury List Draine, Tony (Compiler); Bannister, Edd (Compiler)
View Record  F277.C22.H65 Camden District, S.C., Wills and Administrations, 1781-1787 (1770-1796) Holcomb, Brent (Compiler); Parker, Elmer O. (Compiler)
View Record  F232.P4.L95 Campaign for Petersburg Lykes, Richard Wayne
View Record  F232.C15.E27 Campbell Chronicles and Family Sketches: Embracing the History of Campbell County, Virginia, 1782-1926 Early, Ruth Hairston
View Record  MVGS Program 2016-05 Can a Complex Research Problem be Solved Solely Online? Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D
View Record  F72.C3 S65 Vol 2 Cape Code Library of Local History and Genealogy, Volume 2 Leonard H Smith, Jr
View Record  F72.C3 S65 Vol 1 Cape Code Library of Local History and Genealogy: A Facsimile Edition of 108 Pamphlets Published in the Early 20th Century; Volume 1 Leonard H Smith, Jr
View Record  CS71.W774.W56 Captain Edward-Maria Wingfield, President at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 President Wingfield Speaks (1620) Wingfield, Jocelyn R.
View Record  CS21.W55 Care of Books, Documents, Prints and Films Wilson, William K.; Gear, James L.
View Record  CS22. C37 Carmack's Guide To Copyright & Contracts: A Primer for Genealogists, Writers & Researchers Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo
View Record  F262.R8.R36 Carolina Cradle Settlement of the Northwest Carolina Frontier, 1747-1762 Ramsey, Robert Wayne
View Record  F253.H44 Carolina Families: A Bibliography of Books About North and South Carolina Families Hehir, Donald M.
View Record  CS66.I536.K45 Cartographic Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs: Special List 13 Kelsay, Laura E. (Compiler)
View Record  F128.65 B3.M67 Castle Garden and Battery Park, Images of America Moreno, Barry
View Record  F229.5.W55 Catalogue of Revolutionary Soldiers and Sailors of the Commonwealth of Virginia to Whom Land Bounty Warrants Were Granted by Virginia for Military Services In the War For Independence Wilson, Samuel M. (Compiler)
View Record  F262.C28.C383 Catawba County Cemeteries
View Record  F262.C28.S54 Catawba County, North Carolina, Marriages 1842[50]-1880 Sherrill, Elizabeth Bray
View Record  F229.N84 Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants; Volumes 1 through 8 Nugent, Nell Marion; Hudgins, Denis (Editor)
View Record  CS35.5.R48.B76 Celebrating the Family: Steps to Planning a Family Reunion Brown, Vandella
View Record  F292.B2 C4 Cemeteries and Deaths in Banks County, Georgia Richard J. Chambers
View Record  CS71.D345.D45 Cemetery & Death Records Dellinger, Paul H. (Compiler)
View Record  F443.B35.M37 Cemetery Records of Bedford County, Tennessee Marsh, Helen Crawford (Compiler); Marsh, Timothy Richard (Compiler)
View Record  F332.G7.M29 Cemetery Records of Greene County, Alabama and Related Areas Marshall, Mary Grantham
View Record  F417.I5.G74 Cemetery Records of Independence County, Arkansas Green, Chalman E. (Author); Green, Mae Chinn (Author)
View Record  CS65.5.C46.D65 Census Substitutes & State Census Records; Volume 1 - Eastern States: An Annotated Bibliography of Published Name Lists for All 50 U.S. States And State Censuses for 37 States Dollarhide, William
View Record  CS431. C46.C47 Census: The Expert Guide Christian, Peter; Annal, David
View Record  F536.C46 Central Illinois Genealogical Quarterly
View Record  F229.5.K46 Certificate Book of the Virginia Land Commission 1779-1780 Kentucky Historical Society
View Record  F869.V58.S26 Certificates of Death: City of Stockton (California) 1893-1897 San Joaquin Genealogical Society
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Records: 301 to 350 of 2528